Institute for Public Administration is a scientific-research professional nongovernmental association registered with the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Institute for Public Administration, we advocate efficient functioning of public administration system at all administrative levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We see public administration as a key to social and economic development of community, and therefore its enhancement is an obvious priority in Bosnia and Hercegovina’s circumstances.

These enhancements require cooperation with current administrative structures, but also actions in terms of increase of social cohesion, integration and inclusion of all organizations, institutions and citizens in improvement of work of public administration. In that sense, the Institute acts in parallel on addressing proposals and recommendations on issues relevant for the functioning of administration to the relevant authorities, promotion and affirmation of international and European standards with focus on programs, initiatives and campaigns aimed to promote Principles of public administration in one side, and in the other side, on improvement of communication between public administration and citizens, civil society organizations, business community, international organizations and other stakeholders.

Promotion of cooperation among public administration and businesses, NGOs and citizens can contribute to actual and to-the-point enhancement of quality of public administration, as well as increase the citizens’ trust in administration. This process must by all means incorporate raising awareness on how important it is to ensure equal status and participation of all categories of population in creation of public policies, public services and overall work of public administration. Therefore, we are also devoted to design and implementation of projects which promote knowledge on good governance, communication and competency of organizations and individuals in this area. We keep track of the international trends and accomplishments in this field and cooperate with similar foreign NGOs, aiming to contribute to selection of the most adequate and best solutions in the matter of organization and functioning of administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina.